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Protocol Mechanisms and Tokenomics
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CHΛTEΛU is a Decentralized Finance(DeFi) protocol that standardizes and streamlines issuance, custody and settlement for tokenized Real World Assets(RWAs) with novel onchain infrastructure, compliance frameworks, and legal primitives.
CHΛTEΛU serves as an interface between Real World issuers and DeFi investors.
CHΛTEΛU's standard token model is the Generalized Equity Linked Token (GELT). facilitates the discovery, trading, and composable functionality for GELTs.
GELT may be issued in several flavors, linking DeFi primitives to stakes in Pre-IPO offerings, Private Equities, and Fund LPs.
A More Efficient Vehicle: GELTs do not necessarily represent tokenized assets in themselves, but may represent forward swap agreements to be executed upon a future date. Forward Contracts give all of the benefits of asset exposure without the need for taking custody of the asset directly (tokens are easier to custody/prove)
Capital Efficiency: Lowers barriers to investments for users but also increases access to capital for businesses and individuals
Specific KYC requirements depend on jurisdiction.
Read More about CHΛTEΛU's Legal Strategy below:
At launch, CHΛTEΛU has 3 main offerings:
Pre-IPO shares: CHΛTEΛU delivers the best prices through aggregating our brokerage network, while opening access a reliably profitable investment asset class to the world. U.S. based products, such as Pre-IPO shares, show sufficient demand internationally to be marketed and sold outside of the U.S. in massive quantities.
Web3 startup equity: CHΛTEΛU allows DeFi investors easy access to Web3 startup equity. Listing entities use CHΛTEΛU to raise much needed capital to enhance their growth as well as build a deeper connection with their community.
Fund LPs: CHΛTEΛU offers Fund LPs through a fully compliant Bermuda Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) at . This approach brings a completely novel investment opportunity to DeFi, generated through our network of fund administrators.
Areas of Growth include issuance of Web3 Equities and Illiquid Non-US. based instruments that can both be sold into and out of the US.
Hampering Sales and Marketing. Illiquid products can be particularly difficult to market. Non U.S. based investors, want the benefit of a trustworthy platform, such as a Bermuda Virtual Asset Service Provider, without being burdened by U.S. based compliance when it is not actually required by law. In particular, Non U.S. Products need not be subject to U.S. regulations when offered to non U.S. based investors.

Protocol Mechanisms: Specific Descriptions

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Project Fundamentals: Deep Dive

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